Oral Surgery Associates is the first Dental Practice in Auckland to have the Sirona, Galileos, 3D, Cone Beam Xray machine. Galileos sets new standards by using much less radiation than conventional CT x-rays. This machine has the ability to produce a 3 dimensional picture of the patient's teeth and jaws, which benefits patients as the oral surgeon is able to see and diagnose conditions more accurately and before they become a real problem.

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What is a 3D X-Ray?

As the name implies, 3D dental x-rays now allow your oral surgeon to get a three dimensional picture of your teeth & jaws. This is done using a new technique called coned beam volumetric tomography.

This latest technology allows hundreds of low-dose x-rays to be taken from all around the patient's head. Sophisticated software then turns this into a 3D image that your oral surgeon can then use to get a good look at what is going on inside your jaws and teeth. This reveals hidden problems or shows details that are not easily seen in older types of X-Rays

Is it a "CAT" Scan?

While similar in principle, the Cone Beam system from Sirona that your dentist has invested in uses about 150 times less radiation than a Medical CT or 'CAT' scan. It is around the same as a traditional film based dental x-ray, less in some cases. Or to put it another way about the same amount that you would get sitting in an airplane for around 30 minutes.